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Carly Lind
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All Those Nights - Acoustic Version
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Carly Lind - All Those Nights

Carly Lind- All Those Nights (Official Music Video)
Carly Lind- All Those Nights (Acoustic)

Who is Carly Lind...

It was inevitable Carly Lind would become a performance artist. Born to a Father with an eclectic ear for music and a love for the arts, Carly's path to singer-songwriter was paved with the albums of everyone from Mel Torme and Billy Holiday to Led Zeppelin and The Cranberries. Initially though, it was Carly's Mother, a trained dancer, that awakened and Inspired Carly’s inner performer.  Tagging along to dance class and performing while observing led to the start of her dancing career. It was obvious Carly had both a talent and a love for dance, and her mother immediately recognized it. By age 3, Carly was holding court in her own dance classes, flipping the script, now with mom excitedly tagging along as a captive audience. 

By high school, a myriad of musical and artistic influences had surrounded Carly. Musical theater and Choir broadened her spectrum even further, and dance had blossomed into a true love and passion in her life. Carly was well on her path to becoming the artist she had dreamt of, but none of these influences would compare to what came next.

For most people, dreams are what occupy time when not pursuing goals. Carly has a way of making her dreams her goals, and then she achieves them. Berklee College of Music had always been a dream of Carly’s. And for good reason. Her class alone produced more talented and successful musicians than can be listed. Peer influence encouraged growth at a rate that was previously unfathomable. It was here, at Berklee, that Carly became a songwriter. One more vein of expression to compliment her skillset. Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, Musician, Performer, Artist. It was also at Berklee that Carly recognized the importance of networking. She used the opportunity to set the foundation for both her artistic network and social network that she maintains and utilizes to this day. Receiving acclaim, and over 500k views, for her Cover of “Tik Tok” further motivated Carly to reach her goals. The experience at Berklee culminated with Carly releasing an original song, “Hot Mess,” garnering over 100K views on youtube alone.

Carly’s natural progression led her to LA to pursue both her love of dance and a music career. She hit the ground running, releasing music on big EDM labels, developed content for Armada, and charted on Beatport with "Love Me Again" (Ronski Speed & Zaa). Unfortunately, inspiration comes in many forms, and sometimes lightning does strike twice. In 2014, Carly unexpectedly lost her father. A few years later, and under terrible circumstances, Carly lost her mother.  These unimaginable losses forced a drastic change in Carly’s songwriting. An unanticipated course alteration that saw her channel and express her grief and emotion in a significantly more raw, open and honest way. Ultimately, this led Carly to discover and develop her true singer/songwriter Voice.

Carly’s infectious positivity and “can-do” attitude have allowed her to continue to develop and advance as a multifaceted artist. In her pursuit of global success, Carly has been Top-lining, songwriting, ghostwriting, producing, arranging, dancing, collaborating, performing, teaching, and learning from the biggest and best in their respective fields. All the while, becoming a prolific social media Influencer, garnering almost 170K followers across a multitude of platforms.  She recently performed at Kanye West’s Sunday Service, and had a critically acclaimed performance at VidCon. Carly’s current focus is completing the writing and recording of a 5-track EP with each song representing one of the five stages of grief. A project intended to not only aid her own healing process, but more importantly, aid others in their time of need, illuminating the grief process, and showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Carly is excited to be involved in Mickey Shiloh’s singer/songwriter/producer collective HRDRV, considering it the critical next step on the path to achieving her dreams.

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